Why is Egypt an Attractive Country for Investors?

Why is Egypt an Attractive Country for Investors? image January 9, 2018

Egypt was ranked the third most favorable investment center in Africa by the Quantum Global, an investment management firm based in Africa. In this article, our company formation consultants in Egypt explain why Egypt is an attractive country for investors.

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Credit Rating of Egypt

Credit Rating of Egypt image January 8, 2018

A credit rating is a summary of the credit risks connected with a financial instrument or a financial entity. It represents a rating offered to a certain entity based on the credentials and the extent to which the financial statements of this entity are solid.

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Establish a Branch in Egypt

Establish a Branch in Egypt image January 6, 2018

A foreign corporation can establish a branch in Egypt, if it has a contract in either the public or the private sector, to effectuate its activities in Egypt. Even though a branch can undertake commercial, industrial, financial and contractual activities, they are limited to those which are outlined in its contract in the country.

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Set up a Limited Liability Company in Egypt

Set up a Limited Liability Company in Egypt image October 25, 2017

A limited liability company in Egypt can be set up easily as soon as all the terms and conditions have been respected, and the documents prepared in accordance with Commercial Companies Law.

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Types of Companies in Egypt

Types of Companies in Egypt image October 21, 2017

Entrepreneurs can choose Egypt for further investments and business matters. One can establish limited liability companies, partnerships, joint venture, branches or representative offices.

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Trade Register in Egypt

Trade Register in Egypt image October 18, 2017

The Commercial Registry in Egypt is in charge with the company registration in the country, whether made by local entrepreneurs or foreign investors who want to enter the market.

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Shelf Company in Egypt

Shelf Company in Egypt image October 13, 2017

Investors from abroad have two possibilities of entering the Egyptian market: by registering a company or buying a ready-made one which is also known as a shelf company.

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Virtual Office in Egypt

Virtual Office in Egypt image October 7, 2017

A virtual office in Cairo or in other important cities in Egypt can be a suitable option for your business, with cost-friendly operations compared to a traditional office, and with varied activities, if you are an entrepreneur from overseas.

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